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Building a holistic software company.

A note from the owner.

I have spent over ten years in software development. During this time, I worked in projects of different sizes, in different environments, for startups and enterprises, in different roles from programmer to business analyst and team lead.

Writing a piece of code can be done quickly. Building a software product that is useful to people is remarkably hard (and even harder to build one that is actually used). It requires deep insight into the underlying business, a vast array of technical skills, and, most of all, discipline. All of this can almost never be brought to the table by a single individual. So having the right team and efficient communication between all stakeholders is key.

I built this company with the vision of creating an environment in which software development just works. In which we can create a competitive advantage for our customers and in which every single team member can develop his or her skills to the full potential.
I am confident that we will convince you with our excellent service quality.

Don’t hesitate to contact me personally.